Press Release: Presidential Candidates Detail Plans to Reduce Poverty

The Action for Opportunity Coalition, representing more than 30 non-profit organizations, unions, and advocates, has asked every serious presidential candidate three specific questions about their records and plans to address U.S. hunger, poverty, and economic opportunity:

1) What are the top five specific ways that you, as President, would increase economic opportunity for low-income Americans and decrease poverty, hunger, and homelessness?

2) What is your single greatest concrete career accomplishment to date that has increased economic opportunity for low-income Americans and/or decreased poverty, hunger, and homelessness?

3) As President, how would you staff and structure the development, leadership, and daily management of your economic opportunity, poverty, hunger, and homelessness initiatives in your White House, Cabinet, and Administration?

We will update this page with the Candidates responses as we receive them.


Elizabeth Warren’s Response

Pete Buttigieg’s Response

Tom Steyer’s Response

Bernie Sanders’ Response

Amy Klobuchar’s Response

Joe Biden’s Response

Mike Bloomberg’s Response


Cory Booker’s Response

Marianne Williamson’s Response

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